St. Mary of the Assumption School follows the curriculum set by the Office of Catholic Education for the Diocese of Cleveland and approved by the State of Ohio Department of Education.  St. Mary’s is fully accredited and chartered by the State of Ohio, Ohio Catholic Schools Accreditation Association (OCSAA) and the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA).

All teachers are certified according to Ohio State standards and have a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Education, and/or a Master of Science in Education.  Professional competency and efficiency are stimulated through attendance at in-service workshops, continuing college education and religious education courses, and faculty meetings. State auxiliary funds to non-public schools provide speech therapy, psychological services, learning disability services, and a nurse.

The goals and objectives of each subject are based on the requirements of the Graded Course of Study issued by the Secretary for Education for the Diocese of Cleveland and approved by the Ohio Department of Education based on Ohio State Standards.

The Minimum Standards of the State of Ohio require that there must be 178 days of pupil instruction.  St. Mary of the Assumption School is governed by the State and by the Diocesan legislation regarding:

  1. The length of the school year,
  2. Administrative procedures for the school year as they relate to the opening, closing, and emergency closing of schools,
  3. Admission, assignment, and withdrawal of pupils, and
  4. Vaccination and immunization of pupils.

At the beginning of each school year, curriculum handbooks that describe the skills and concepts to be taught and developed in each grade level are distributed. The handbooks outline major learning objectives for each subject taught.