School Programs

Below is a list of school programs students will participate in throughout the school year. Parents will receive additional information on these programs from their child(s) teacher or program director.

Grade Programs
Preschool Easter Program
Pre-K Christmas Program
Pre-K Christmas Program
Kindergarten Graduation
1 & 2 Christmas Concert
3 Spring Concert
4 Spring Concert, Spring & Christmas Band Concerts
5 Spring & Christmas Band Concerts & Spring Concert
6 Spring & Christmas Band Concert
7 Spring & Christmas Band Concerts & Theater Productions
8 Spring & Christmas Band Concert, Theater Productions, Playhouse Square Field Trip & Graduation Program



Special classes include physical education, art, Spanish, music, band, library and computer.

Challenged (Gifted) Program

St. Mary’s Challenge Program is designed to benefit the students who have demonstrated higher than average cognitive skills and achievement test scores.  Gifted students have unique characteristics that require a modified curriculum and social and emotional support. The curriculum will encourage questioning, creativity, problem-solving, and higher level thinking skills.


Each child is given the opportunity to visit the school library and/or Media Center at least once a week.  The school is well equipped with audio-visual aids.  Computers, CD’s, videotapes, TV’s, VCR’s, DVD players, and other machines are available for use by the teachers and students.  A complete library of recordings, videotapes, and DVD discs are available for all subjects.  Lost books must be reimbursed before the end of the school year.

Auxiliary Services

Through Ohio Auxiliary Services and federal funding, St. Mary’s is able to provide help for students including two Intervention Specialists, a School Psychologist, a Speech and Language Therapist, a Nurse, and a Textbook/Service Clerk and two Remedial Reading and Math teachers. All these services, with the exception of the Nurse, are housed in the Learning Center near the Weaver Activity Center.  Students are screened to determine a need for help in the various areas. In addition, parent and teacher referrals may also be made.