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There is also a building maintenance fee of $150 per family. This can be paid separately or be added to the monthly ACH withdraw.

Payment Schedule

The tuition and building maintenance fee payment schedule will either be:

  • One payment – due July 1st
  • Monthly Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.
    • The ACH payment plan consists of eleven equal installments beginning in July and ending in June.  The monthly payment for parishioner tuition for one child is approximately $282/month. No installment payment occurs in the month of February.

A $20 fee will be assessed for any returned payment by check, credit card or ACH. Please contact Carol Lorek (440-205-3404) regarding any tuition questions.

Refund Policy

Refunds for tuition and building fee will be granted in the amount that has been received by the school that is in excess of the quarter that the student withdraws. All refunds will be charged a $75 service-processing fee.

  • July to end of December – 100% less the amount prorated to the period of time student attended will be refunded.
  • January to end of March – the amount that has been paid for April through June will be refunded.
  • April to end of school year – no refund.

Tuition Assistance

Adopt-a-Student is a Parish program based on financial need per family. Please contact Carol Lorek (440-255-3404) for more information on Adopt-a-Student or other tuition assistance programs please click here.

There are also special grants available through the Diocese of Cleveland. For more information on the  special grants offered, visit the Diocese of Cleveland website.