Parents Top 10 reasons for choosing St. Mary of the Assumption School:

  1. Incorporation of catholic values and attitudes into every school day
  2. Academic excellence and high standards
  3. The teaching of life long values of work, ethic, kindness, caring and character
  4. Teachers help each child to reach their potential
  5. A community of supporting and caring families with a school with staff with the same values
    and concerns
  6. A small school environment where students feel safe and happy
  7. Many parent involvement opportunities where everyone feels welcome
  8. Structure and organization of the classes and school
  9. An extension of the family’s catholic heritage
  10. The continuing presence of Jesus in school activities such as weekly mass, celebration of Holy days and annual school retreat

Students Top 10 Reasons for Choosing St. Mary of the Assumption School:

  1. We learn about God to make the right choices in life
  2. Teachers are really friendly and nice
  3. We receive a good education and learn a lot
  4. Teachers teach in a way that makes learning fun
  5. School activities, clubs, sports are fun
  6. Everyone helps me to be a better Christian person
  7. I have good friends and I feel safe and happy here
  8. Student buddy system with other grade students
  9. We like our special classes (art, music, computer, Spanish and gym)
  10. A strong bond and pride in our school and classmates