School Clubs & Activities

Art Club

Art Club is an activity for those students who just don’t get enough art during our one class each week! It is open to students in grades four and up. There are fun and messy projects for the students who like creating crafts, and there are more intense exercises for students who want to improve their drawing skills. There will also be occasions that Art Club members will work on group projects for the school, like bulletin boards. Art Club is an opportunity for the creative student to make more art, in an easy going environment, without the time restraints of class.

Advanced & Beginning Band

Instrumental music lessons on woodwind and brass instruments are available for all students in grades 4-8.  Classes are held during regular school hours.  This is an excellent opportunity to provide your child with a unique learning experience in the arts.

Band students receive a twenty-five minute small group lesson once a week during the school day.  A special rotating schedule is used so that lessons do not interfere with the students’ academic performance.  Lesson material includes learning to read music, all aspects of playing the instrument, and instrument maintenance.  On the same day as a small group lessons, the students may also meet in a larger Group Band were they learning to follow a conductor and perform as group.

This Group Band rehearsal is usually scheduled during noon recess.  Students will be allowed to progress at their own rate in a positive learning environment.  Parents receive three (3) written evaluations of the student’s progress, which will correspond with the first, second, and fourth grading periods.

The students will have the opportunity to perform solos, in small ensembles, and Group Band selections during a Christmas and Spring concert.  In addition, advanced students in grades 7 and 8 may participate in the Ohio Music Educators Association Solo and Ensemble Contest in the spring.

Book Club

Computer Club

Computer Club meets two times a month for an hour after school.  The club members use the CS First program and Scratch to learn how to design their own programs.

Drama Club

In drama club, students get a chance to experience many parts of the theater world; from designing and building sets and props to learning stage makeup techniques.

Faith Builders Leadership Club

Faith Builders Leadership Club is open to any students in 5th through 8th grade that are interested in promoting and sharing their faith at St. Mary’s. The students meet about twice a month after school on either Tuesdays or Thursdays. Through activities such as The Knightly News Rosary Devotion, and The Living Rosary, the students work to deepen their own faith as they encourage those around them to follow in Jesus’s footsteps each day. The students also meet with the younger students throughout the year in various activities and lessons designed to encourage faith growth and development. Anyone interested in joining Faith Builders Leadership Club should contact Mrs. Grgic or Mrs. Obergefell for more information.

Knightly News

The Knightly News is a daily news show produced by our 7th and 8th grade students. It is recorded and then shown daily at 7:47am to each classroom via closed circuit television. There are approximately fifty students involved annually. Participating students have the opportunity to be an anchorperson, director, cameraperson, or copy-scroller on their assigned day. News segments on each show are: Daily Observance, Weather, Student/Teacher Birthdays, Lunch Menu, SMS Sports Report, Daily School News, Today in History, Saint Feast Days, Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and Joke of the Day.

Newspaper Club

Club members will report on school events, areas of student interest, and current events. We meet once a week to discuss content and edit work. Students are expected to write their articles independently and bring them to meetings for review and edits. The paper is produced three or four times during the school year.

Pre-School Pals

This program was developed by the preschool teachers, Mrs. Frabotta & Mrs. Jankowski. This very popular program is a unique opportunity, offered to 8th grade students who are willing to volunteer a short period of their time to visit the 3-year-old classroom. We are so fortunate to have a preschool housed in the same building of our school. The Preschool/K-8 campus at St. Mary’s gives us the opportunity to initiate a “buddy/mentor” volunteer program throughout your child’s academic/religious coursework. These types of programs are proven to foster leadership skills in older students, promote school unity, and the littlest children at St. Mary’s think the big kids are awesome! Little buddies are in awe of their new friends and the older friends are superb role models.

Recycling Club

Recycling Club meets every Thursday after school. Students who volunteer their time and service each week are assigned to a specific classroom or other workspace to collect the recycling bin and bring it to the school’s recycling dumpster. Teachers who moderate the Recycling Club work with the students to help ensure safety and organization.

Safety Patrol

Students in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades can volunteer to patrol the school doors, “A,” “C,” and “E” in the morning of each school day. These students patrol the doors between 7:15am and 7:45am.

Science Olympiad

Student Council

St. Mary of the Assumption School’s Student Council includes elected students in grades four through eight. Each homeroom elects two representatives each August. The club also has five officers: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and public relations. These officers are elected the spring prior to the school year they will be serving. President and vice president are elected eighth grade students and secretary, treasurer, and public relations are elected seventh and eighth grade students. The officers meet with Mrs. Frank every other week at lunch and the whole council meets one Thursday a month. Student Council completes projects such as food drives, fundraisers, and plans school spirit events. Advisors for this club are Mrs. Frank and Mrs. Rankin.


Yearbook club is offered to 8th grade students who are creative and dedicated to the construction of the school’s annual memories. Yearbook club meetings begin in the fall and conclude near the end of January. Students’ responsibilities include taking pictures, constructing pages, and the organization of materials. As a group we meet once a week after school every Tuesday.

Youth Choir

As members of the Youth Choir, “The Grace Notes,” students will be praising God with their voices, using the talents God gave them. Along with improving their vocal skills, participation in choir can help your child develop responsibility, leadership skills and respect for others. Students will also learn about the format of the mass itself. Everyone who is in the Youth Choir is a member of The Grace Notes. However, older students in 5th grade or above will also be a member of  “The Cantor Choir.” Interested students will have to audition for this group. The Youth Choir will rehearse two to three times a month on Thursdays and will sing for one mass a month on the weekend. As the choir improves and the year progresses, the choir may sing for two weekend masses a month. Please contact Susan Obergefell for more information on the Youth Choir.

Girl Scouts

St. Mary’s students in Kindergarten through 8th grade can participate in the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. Click here for more information on Girl Scouts at St. Mary’s.

Boy Scouts

St. Mary’s students in 1st – 8th grade can participate in Boys Scouts of America. Click here for more information on how to join a boy scouts troop at St. Mary’s.

Offsite Activities

Other after school activities exists, but are offered by a third party. Such activities include:

  • Ice Skating is offered by the City of Mentor at the Mentor Civic Center for students in grades K- 8. This is a weekly after school program. More information will be provided during the school year.
  • Bowling is offered by Freeway Lanes in Mentor for students in grades K-8. This is a 9-week program that is offered at various times throughout the school year.