Dress Code

The School Uniform is a special sign telling others who our students are and to whom they belong. Students who are well groomed, neat, and clean have a certain pride about themselves that is reflected in their actions. Our students are a group of dedicated young people proud to be counted as Christ’s disciples and willing to try to make a difference in becoming all God intends them to be. They hope to make our world a better place because they are a part of it. Our School Uniform should be worn with dignity and pride. Uniforms must be neat and clean at all times. The parent will be called for any child not in proper uniform and the parent must bring the uniform or missing part to the child.

On designated non-uniform days, also known as dress-down days, students are able to wear clothing other than the regular uniform. On these days (birthdays, contribution bonus days, earned non-uniform days, etc.) the student may wear capri pants, slacks or jeans, sweatshirts, appropriate slogan T-shirts, tennis shoes/socks.

Inappropriate attire includes leggings, pants with holes, shorts, sleeveless shirts, cropped blouses or shirts, short skirts/dresses, tight fitting attire, midriff blouses, low-rider pants, low cut blouses, spandex, sandals.

For more information see our Dress Code policy on our registration page; Dress Code