Sacrament of Marriage

The sacrament of Marriage is a holy covenant whereby the couple is joined by Jesus Christ who promises to bless, sustain, and rejoice in their union. We ask married couples to register with the parish at least 8-10 months prior to the wedding date so that adequate preparation can be offered in the form of individual meetings with our priests or deacons, ceremony preparation and PreCana attendance.


Pre-Cana Day is a one-day marriage preparation retreat for engaged couples. Engaged couples that plan to be married at St. Mary’s must attend a Pre-Cana Day. The Pre-Cana day is intended to provide those about to marry the personal experiences, insights and reflections of married couples that are already building their own marriages. It also includes time for private dialogue, interaction with other engaged couples and celebration of Mass together. Topics that discussed include those that are important in the life of a newly married couple. Pre-Cana day encourages couples to approach these topics at Pre-Cana and to open the channel for future dialogue. Presentations by the team couples and discussions give the attendees a chance to hear information that will help them when facing similar situations in their own marriage.

Please contact the parish office (440-255-3404) for more information on weddings and Pre-Cana Day at St. Mary’s. If you and your spouse are interested in volunteering for Pre-Cana Day, please contact the parish office (440-255-3404). Volunteers meet each week six to eight weeks prior to Pre-Cana Day.